The history of the Inn at Rincón

You’ll find the construction of the inn as special as the serene and private country area on which it sits. Built by master craftsmen, whose trade skills go back centuries, the inn has been crafted to include many modern features, including a heated pool.

The company that designed the Inn:
Designed and built by: VOS en Construcción, S.A. de C.V.

The Style:
Old Mexican Hacienda

Materials used: cinder block, cement, rebar, sand, gravel, plaster, diluted washes to make the surfaces look aged, brick, arroyo rock, flag stone, hand crafted talavera tiles, acid etched concrete, ,dyed concrete, Mexican cedar doors and woodwork, iron banisters and details, aluminunm windows.

Time frame for construction: 4 years (2006 to 2010) including interiors

Square footage:

Interior spaces = 7.685.22 sq/ft
Exterior ramadas (areas covered by clay tile on wood) = 2,383.66 sq/ft
Exterior ramadas (areas covered by palo de arco) = 2,166.95 sq/ft

How many people worked on the Inn?

280 people including office staff, mason, artesans, carpenters, welders, painters, window fabricators, plumbers, electricians, hurricane shutter installers, a/c installers, pool company, landscaper, artists, construction material supply stores owners and employees.

All work was painstakingly and carefully performed and accomidates some amazing features that you’ll not find in many of the other residences in the area:

  • Primarily solar with electric standby generators
  • Heated Pool
  • 60,000 Gallon Cistern holding the purest water
  • Internet repeater
  • Spacious grounds.
  • Private gated community.
  • Restful and Peaceful Neighborhood.
  • Ocean Beach just outside the rooms.