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Mexico Fish - Barber Fish

Fishing off the coast of Baja Mexico – by the Sea of Cortez

Fishing in the Baja can be quite an experience.  Especially good fishing is found around the Baja near San Lucas Cove.

This little lagoon is only a mile or so wide and maybe two miles long, but to the Baja fisherman its importance is much greater than its physical size.  The quality and amount of fish found here is any dream and is sure to please any of the members of your party or group staying in the Baja at the Inn at Rincon.

Located just south of Santa Rosalia, about 590 miles from the border, San Lucas Cove is ideal as an overnight fishing spot when you’re headed for points deeper into Baja or going to be busy with the many other activities that can be found when visiting Baja Mexico.

More importantly, this place has such good year-round fishing you could just about catch your limit any time of the year, and bring it back to the Inn at Rincon for a really good cookout to put the finishing touches on your Baja Mexico fishing trip.

As you head down the road called Mex 1, and you pass by the access road that leads to the San Lucas RV Park, you always take comfort in knowing that this place will be waiting for you and your group staying at the Inn on the way home. If you return from a slow trip with sunburn and empty ice chests, you know that a day or two at San Lucas Cove will be a really refreshing and fun visit to the Baja in Mexico and bound to bring you a lot of good fishing.

Some people have found an amazing lizard fish spawning run, writhing, incredibly ugly pest fish, about to five pounds in size. And that’s UGLY! To top things off, others have also ran into a huge bite on mackerel during some seasons.  The fish seem to really love this cove off the coast of Baja Mexico near the Sea of Cortez.

The wonderful fishing waters of San Lucas Cove in this region of Mexico extend five miles north and seven miles south from the entrance, and out five miles to the shores of four-mile-long Island San Marcos as per the map and surveys of the Baja waterways. Almost every part of this area produces fish of one kind or more. Quite the fishermans delight.

You’ll find: Spotted Bay Bass, Sierra, Yellowfin Tuna, Sailfish and much more.  Please see the list at the bottom for more details on some of the fish you can find.

This are is really one of the very best year-round fishing grounds of the entire Sea of Cortez.

The cove itself is very shallow, with a sand bottom which the fish seem to love to hang out. The narrow opening to the Sea of Cortez is at the south end. The east side of the cove is formed by a two-mile-long gravel bank with a few mangroves growing along its bayward side. These mangroves have small oysters on their roots which should explain that the natural feeding grounds is perfect for attracting a wide variety of fish you may not even have see before on other fishing trips. This should please many a fisherman in any group staying at the Inn at Rincon with a guided fishing trip on the schedule.

The north end of the cove is brush covered, with shade trees and date palms. The RV park, the commercial pangas, and many village homes are up here.  So there is a lot of locals and families visiting on vacation for a chance to get a fish to bit their hook and take home a wide variety of caught fish for dinner.

The west side of the cove, the shoreline is covered by a dense grove of date palms half a mile long by 50 feet wide and only 25 feet from the beach. A large half-mile-diameter shoal only three feet deep covers the water near this palm area, making it impossible to launch and land your boat at anything but high tide.  So we’d have to plan a fishing trip to the Inn at Rincon bay around this if that is where we have to launch out for your groups fishing trip.

The southern limit of the cove is formed by a long -sandbar. This sandbar reaches out to within 150 feet of the tip of the east shore gravel bank, forming the entrance to the cove. For the wildlife watcher and wildlife photographer, Hundreds of seabirds roost on this bar at night, and can be quite active during the day.

Year after year, even as the fishing pressure in Baja has increased, San Lucas Cove in Mexicos Baja has never failed to provide excellent fishing for at least a dozen species.  So those booking a fishing trip at the Inn at Rincon are sure to find a variety of fish to make a great fishing experience in the Mexico Baja.

Every fishing trip to Baja in Mexico is different, but for those vacationing or on a business trip,  Mexicos San Lucas Cove will not let you down as long as you’re satisfied to catch whatever species are around. Dorado in the summertime and yellowtail in winter are the choice catch of anglers fishing on the open-water in this portion of the Cortez. However, if you don’t find those fish, the along-shore waters of San Lucas Cove can reliably produce plenty of other species for you.

Some other fish you can find at Baja Mexico near the Cove are Barracuda, Cabrilla, Sailfish, Black Skipjack and others.

You can even start fishing as soon as your fishing group reach the entrance of the channel.

There always seems to be a good catch near the entrace: Bass, maybe corvina, maybe roosterfish, maybe barracuda, maybe pompano or halibut, or at least six other species.

This channel will give you a feel for what the fishing will be like in the area.  And there are many other areas to fish in the Baja of Mexico.

As you head south from the mouth of the cove, you will be in water only 10 to 15 feet deep. The bottom here is cobblestone with random sand patches.

Sierra and Dorado are commonly chasing bait fish right here near the entrance, and they will hit your Hook. We have caught Dorado here in as little as five feet of water, and they have had conch shells in their stomachs!

During spring, a peculiar weed bed pops up to the surface from the stones south of the cove. It makes a solid mass from shore out to about ten feet deep or so with low tide. From late April through early June the large sea bass types leave their deep water haunts and come here to spawn. Another local fishing tourist favorite.  Big grouper mix with barred pargo, snapper, cabrilla, and leopard grouper, with each pair guarding its nest.  So you and your fishing group visiting us at the Inn at Rincon are bound to catch a wide variety of fish just due to the fish’s natural habits.   These fish become aggressive when anything comes near their nests, and they attack lures with savage strikes. In June, these weeds rot off and form big “kelp paddies” that float around the area, and the incoming dorado like to hide under them.

The next five miles all the way to the fishing village of San Bruno are loaded with bass and leopards, while the -boulder jumbles just a short way out house big powerful barred pargo. These guys will sure wake you up. Their strike almost pulls you out of the boat.  This is an exciting aspect to fishing in the Baja Coast for your group or party visting the Inn at Rincon.

This area of the cove has stone-covered shoals extending from shore out to several hundred yards in areas of the beach front. Sometimes the fish are way out feeding on bait fish, and at other times they are almost on the shore chomping on tiny minnows and whatever meal they can find. Drift and cast, or troll in zigzags until you find the fish. Then have a ball. Spotted bass, leopard grouper, ribera cabrilla, -spotted cabrilla, barred pargo and gulf grouper are the main catch along here.

There is a point with a lighthouse at the north edge of San Bruno and has a bass-covered ridge running way out. Your guide will take care to give it ample clearance or it is possible a fisherman can chew up the prop on your boat. The beautiful little turquoise bay in front of San Bruno always has gill nets strung out in it, so don’t get tangled. This bay has action on bass, barracuda, and for some reason small yellowtail. Barred pargo also hide in several deep little -pockets about 100 yards from shore.  Hence there is a lot of shallow water fishing for your fishing party.  The group attending the fishing trip during their stay at the Inn at Rincon are really in for a fishing treat here.  Mexico fishing just gets better and better with each cast and each return trip to the coast of Baja.

The five miles of sandy shoreline beyond San Bruno is where the jacks and snapper hang out-if you can get through thfrog_fishe leopard grouper. The shoreline is a series of white sand beaches separated by shallow stony “finger reefs” sticking way out onto a shallow sand and rock shelf. The fish along here will attack a black-and-gold Jointed Rebel minnow lure in a frenzy. You’ll nail the big jacks here, such as amberjack, roosterfish and jack crevalle. These babies grow big and can bust your spinning tackle. They give some of the finest fights you’ll ever get from a fish and provide lots of really amazing fishing.

So as you can see, planning a group fishing trip for your party staying at the Inn at Rincon would be a worthwhile idea when staying in the Baja Mexico.  You’ll have more than your catch of fish.