Cabo San Lucas Vacation

An unforgettable vacation in Cabo San Lucas begins with truly exceptional accommodations. In this Mexican resort town, located at the tip of Baja California, it is easy to find great deals on fine condo rentals that offer every amenity you could want in the most desirable locations. With the help of a professional agent, the affordable luxury that is Cabo San Lucas can be yours.  This was one of the best vacation spots that my family and I have ever been to. There was great service, people, food, EVERYTHING! I am going back very soon. Swimming in the Sea of Cortez and seeing the beautiful fish right there, just made everything worth it. Best vacation so far.

Cabo San Lucas, a popular vacation spot and one of the places in Mexico with the highest density of high-end resorts, faces two public images; on one side, a place of highest luxury and style, visible trough resort catalogues and sponsored promotions, while creating a ‘vision’ of ‘traditional’ Mexico with palapas, colorful taco stands and mariachis.

On the other side the town of Cabo San Lucas in its mere heart reveals dusty streets, poverty, cheep local labor and poor urban image due to the negligence of urban planners.  Cabo San Lucas is a famous vacation destination which receives thousands of people from every corner of the world every year. Various interesting and eye catching spots attract tourists and travelers and make their moments unforgettable.

Cabo San Lucas is built on the coast and holds a large variety of tourist’s spots. The Los Cabos International Airport delivers thousands of tourists from all around the world. The major source of income of Cabo San Lucas is also tourism and vacation spots. Due to its extremely attractive site, people from all around the world wish to visit Cabo San Lucas with their family in their vacations.

Cabo San Lucas has become an important vacation and spa destination, with a great variety of sites of interest, and timeshares that have been built on the coast between San Lucas and  San José del Cabo . The distinctive  El Arco de Cabo San Lucas  is a local landmark. Cabo San Lucas has the largest  marlin tournament  in the world. In the winter, pods of whales can be observed in the ocean. They bear their calves in the warm waters there.  Cabo San Lucas has never been more popular. A hot vacation spot for people on the West Coast for years, Cabo is a vacation destination that has an exotic Mexican feel, while being close enough to jet down on a whim.