Mexico City?!? What should we expect?

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So, my family & our family’s friends are all going to Mexico.
We want to know what we should expect.
Anyone gone there?
Lives there?
ANYTHING good to do besides sightseeing?
‘Cause i checked out a bunch of tourism websites and they’re all about janky museums.
And me && my mom were looking up what toe xpect in mexico and it was a big long esay about tourisms getting mugged/kidnapped && black salvery deals && drug dealers && gangs of boys who abuse girls && such.

So, A Little Help??

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  1. big bubba says:

    Mexico city is a huge city with problems of such kind that only can be compare with cities about the same size,

    Try to eat at Izote Restaurant at the end of Presidente Masarik Ave. is where you will find Mexican Gourmet food and is not that expensive or also Los Girasoles just beside the Art museum in Plaza Tolsa,

    Go to Bazar del Sábado in Martires de San Patricio Square, in Down Town San Angel its on every saturday and you can check crafts that comes from almost all over Mexico.

    shopping in big malls is not recommended, things tend to be more expensive in Mexico except for the things made in Mexico or the very Expensive stuff like Gucci, Boss, Salvatore Ferragamo or Prada, which happens to have the same price for everything world wide, but you can go to Presidente Masarik Ave. in Polanco area.

    Night life there are places in Polanco and Condesa that are nice to hang around.

    There is also a Six – flags in Mexico city with 3 good roller coasters

    Finally be careful, use common sense and ask before going places east of the city and some parts in Downtown are dangerous or the neighborhoods around the airport, don´t show money around and don´t ware jewelry

  2. denastimms says:

    Just be aware of the pollution. Its a great city with a lot to do but tons and tons of pollution, which makes it hard. Also be careful at night, its gotten to be very dangerous there.

  3. bajamom2002 says:

    Mexico City is quite like other major cities of the world…London, Rome, Paris. Very old, wonderful architecture, parks, statues, etc. I doubt you will be kidnapped, mugged, robbed, recruited into slavery. Keep your wits about you, stay away from the bad parts of the city.See Frida Khalo’s museum, her paintings will appeal to the anarchist in you that you’d like to become. Have fun.

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