Los Cabos Gives Eco-tourists a Run (and Dive, and Swim, and Ride) for Their Money

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As the world has changed, travelers’ interests have changed with it. For a significant swath of vacationers, the old model of going to an established resort area, gobbling expensive meals and taking some hurried snapshots for a soon-forgotten album is long gone. Many travelers are now looking for—and finding—something different, something more authentic or participatory. For these travelers, vacationing can present educational immersion in a world unto its own, exciting physical challenges to overcome, or cultural explorations that open the mind to new ways of thinking.

The Los Cabos area is renowned both for the lively “party-town” aspect of Cabo San Lucas and for its laid-back, desert-meets-the-sea appeal. Any traveler can find its fabulous resorts and its luxury villas, and can spend the finest of times lounging around beautiful pools. But Los Cabos also has much to offer the new breed of travel pilgrim.

Los Cabos is a diverse region of intriguing eco-systems and unique terrain. Dubbed “the aquarium of the world” by Jacques Cousteau, the confluence of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez at Baja’s tip boasts an extraordinary profusion of marine life, both big and small. Cabo Pulmo, located on the East Cape, is a protected National Marine Park that boasts one of the largest and most diverse coral reefs in North America. There are also several biosphere reserves, where diverse ecosystems offer habitat to species of plants and animals found nowhere else on Earth.  These rugged desert canyons, arroyos and cactus-laden hills are fed by mountain streams and often open up to spectacular views of sparkling seas.

Discerning eco-tourists can choose from a wide array of Los Cabos offerings, from whale and bird-watching excursions to turtle hatchings, kayaking, mountain biking, snorkeling and scuba diving, dolphin encounters, mountain climbing and more. Earth, Sea & Sky Vacations is pleased to offer a variety of organized tours and excursions that take enthusiasts far from the common tourist package, and into the soul of the Baja experience.

Take, for instance, our tours offered through the Carisuva (which means “in touch with nature”) Foundation, an ecological project that seeks to preserve Baja California’s Ecological environment through education of visitors and local children. The Rhino Safari tour lets you drive Yamaha Rhinos (essentially small, low-horsepower jeeps) on rugged off-track paths and canyon trails to a spectacular Pacific vista, with stops along the way to discuss desert flora and fauna. Carisuva also has exhilarating Pacific Beach horseback rides.

For those wanting to be in the water rather than looking at it, you might consider Manta Scuba diving or a live-aboard dive trip on the Solmar V. These organizations will transport you to select spots such as Cabo Pulmo or on a nine-day trip to the Socorro Islands, where you’re likely to encounter dazzlingly colorful fish, giant manta rays, sharks, sea lions, turtles and spectacular underwater canyons. Extended multi-day trips include all meals, and can also include a variety of optional equipment. Those who might want a bit more luxury in their boating experiences should consider a week-long private yachting venture into the Sea of Cortez aboard a lavish vessel like the Panache.

Looking for something with a little more zip? What about whipping through the air on a zip line over an enchanting canyon, courtesy of Cabo Adventures? This exciting activity is conducted by experienced guides that are absolutely dedicated to the protection and preservation of this protected biosphere. The picturesque desert mountain canyon, deep stream-fed pools and waterfalls are sure to satisfy adventure seekers and eco-tourists alike.  

For visitors who want to practice true “voluntourism,” you could consider participating in one of the local resort’s protected sea turtle programs. Resort guests can watch adult turtles laying their eggs, observe the hatched turtles in their holding corral, handle the baby turtles in a supervised setting and personally release them into the sparkling Sea of Cortez.

Some people might gravitate to far-flung lands like the exotic Galapagos or frozen Antarctica for their ventures; some people might even crave an unusual jungle outing like gorilla tracking in far-off Rwanda. But some will wisely choose Los Cabos, where they’ll find a bright world of intrigue and excitement, where a vacation doesn’t merely have to be a vacation, but can be a lifetime experience. Let one our Los Cabos vacation experts make your next vision a reality.

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