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What To Look For In Denver Scuba Dive Vacations

If you are ready to try your first Denver scuba dive vacations, you will want to explore the company through which you are considering booking your trip, in order to find an organization that will handle the important details of your travel so that you can enjoy your time on the ocean.  Superior Colorado scuba […]

For Wintertime Fun, Try Denver Scuba Dive Vacations

For some, wintertime means a progression of ice and snow storms, and trouble navigating slippery roads to get around.  Imagine how pleasant it is to take a trip somewhere warm during those coldest of months.  That mental lift is one of the big reasons for the popularity of scuba diving vacations.  Denver scuba shops offer […]

SCUBA diving in So Cal w/out Certification?

When in Hawaii I was able to go open water SCUBA diving without certification. Is there anything like that available in the Southern California area? I live in the Inland Empire so, Los Angeles, Sand Diego, Orange County, even Baja California, Mexico would be acceptable locations. Any suggestions? I wanted to take a friend for […]

Top 3 Reasons Why Scuba Diving In Mexico Is Best For Beginners

While on vacation in Mexico, many people think that in order to participate in activities such as scuba diving, you must be an experienced diver in order to scuba dive.  This is simply not the case. It is advised that you have some basic knowledge of diving and also be a strong and somewhat experienced […]