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Beto Romano, a Catholic man with a long family history dating back to Spain, owner of the Serena Hotel, San Bruno, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Image taken on 2009-05-24 20:24:18 by Wonderlane.

Things to Do in Baja California

The peninsula of Baja California is a piece of paradise situated at the westernmost region of Mexico. Geographically speaking, Baja is a unique and interesting place to see and visit. The peninsula is situated between two large bodies of water, the vast Pacific Ocean on the west and the abundant Gulf of California or Sea […]

Traveling to Baja California Mexico

Mexico is a country that has always occupied a special place among the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Its many treasures are of course known and loved by the countless thousands of people who have already experienced them, but Mexico has a way of enticing even those who have not had the opportunity to visit […]