Thinking of Taking a Trip to Mexico? – so You’re Fed Up With the Same Places to Visit Every Year!

Thinking of a trip to Mexico?

So you’re fed up and tired of the same old places to visit every year.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa has a lot to offer. For a person who is looking for a very tropical area with beautiful Palm trees, wildlife, beaches, surfing, golf, fishing and lots more! Take a trip to Mazatlan for an unforgettable adventure like no other, with an undiscovered sea scuba diving is excellent there; it’s virtually untouched waters make a perfect underwater playground!

Taking a trip to Mazatlan will satisfy everyone’s vacation expectations. The city wants you to visit its downtown Centro where you can stroll for hours shopping in the Market.

A trip to Mazatlan is an exceptional idea especially when the celebration of its Mardi Gras – or carnival. This is an incredible, fun week-long party that builds up to a massive crowd. You can expect the carnival to be full of music, dancers, mariachis, street vendors, all night parties, and more!

I must say Mazatlan food is remarkable, with seafood to European cuisine this is the finest places to see on the west of Mexico,

Also don’t miss the worldwide fireworks show. This annual fireworks display lights up the sky with a re-creation of the Naval Combat, commemorating the true defense of the city during the attempted invasion by the French. Book in advance if you want to be a part of Mazatlan’s best week of entertainment!

This popular warm-weather destination: Mazatlan is a favorite for the Americans because this is the closest, best deal vacation spot in Mexico! As well Mazatlan is just a ferry ride away to Cabo san Lucas on the Baja California. There’s also boats you can rent or take a charter to some of the best fishing spots in Mexico, or perhaps jet skis if that’s your thing!

Another place to check out is Mazatlan’s downtown with some very historical landmarks, 19th century buildings, to add to the history the city is adding special theatrical lighting, plus shop Mazatlan’s golden zone for jewelry, silver, and Mexican articles for sale on almost every corner, You will find everything from sea shells to authentic Mexican traditional pottery, clothes and jewelry.

Check out sumbawa Nightclub / Bar for its unique atmosphere, on a cliff overlooking the ocean, with bars in pools to crazy music, definitely a great club to see and one of a kind!

I must say the nightlife is pretty wild as well, I will never forget Sumbawa

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