Things to Do in Baja California

The peninsula of Baja California is a piece of paradise situated at the westernmost region of Mexico. Geographically speaking, Baja is a unique and interesting place to see and visit. The peninsula is situated between two large bodies of water, the vast Pacific Ocean on the west and the abundant Gulf of California or Sea of Cortez to the east. All throughout the entire length of the peninsula runs a series of coastal mountain ranges which, along with the beaches and deserts of Baja, make up the peninsula’s land region.

The multitude of environmental regions in Baja California combined with it pleasant Mediterranean climate opens up the doors towards many recreational activities for travelers, visitors, locals, tourists and vacationers.

Of course, water sports aplenty are available in Baja California. There are several beaches, marinas, harbors and bays to be found all around the Baja peninsula, and swimming is an activity many people enjoy in Baja’s fine, white sand beaches. Aside from swimming, another water sport that thousands come to Baja every year to experience is sports fishing. With two very abundant and large bodies of water found on either side of the peninsula, it comes as no surprise that Baja offers an enjoyable fishing experience.

Snorkeling and scuba diving are also very popular among tourists. There are but a very few places in the whole planet where you can dive and swim along colonies of hammerhead sharks or gigantic yet gentle whale sharks and humpback whales. Because of the rich marine bio-diversity in the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean, as well as the interesting underwater landscapes found beyond Baja California’s shores, both diving experts and amateurs can enjoy their Baja diving experience.

Other water sports and seaside recreational activities that you can do in Baja is wind surfing, para sailing, sea kayaking, whale watching, island boating and surfing.

Due to the long strip of mountain ranges found in the peninsula of Baja California, activities such as mountain biking, trekking, hiking and camping are popular recreational activities along Baja mountain ranges. Some very well known mountain ranges in the Baja peninsula are the Sierra de la Giganta and Sierra de la Laguna. These mountain ranges have different environmental regions within them. You can find cool pine forests, dry mountain forests and desert mountain regions.

Deserts in Baja California also offer several recreational activities. Desert biking is a famous sport in Baja and there are plenty of annual biking competitions and events held here. There are also some ranches found along Baja desert regions where you can go horseback riding, touring and ATV racing (all terrain vehicle racing).

And even within the large cities and small towns of Baja, there is always an enjoyable distraction to find. Tours are popular among vacationers and visitors. Old Spanish missions, cathedrals, museums, cave paintings and other historically and culturally significant sites are commonly part of these tours. Shopping is a most engaging activity in Baja California, not just because of the very low prices but also because of the wide variety of choices there is to find.

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