SCUBA diving in So Cal w/out Certification?

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When in Hawaii I was able to go open water SCUBA diving without certification. Is there anything like that available in the Southern California area? I live in the Inland Empire so, Los Angeles, Sand Diego, Orange County, even Baja California, Mexico would be acceptable locations. Any suggestions? I wanted to take a friend for his birthday. I am aware that it will require we take an instructor with us, and that it would be ideal to get certified, but it’s short notice. Any suggestions?

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  1. chinaman says:

    I strongly suggest that you shouldn’t dive without at least an instructor/ Dive Master with you. Scuba diving isn’t worth it if you get killed. Without the proper training you can get Nitrogen Narcosis, Caisson disease or Benz (decompression sickness) which are fatal. Less you could be stung or bitten by poisonous marine life or suck down by underwater currents.

    Be smart, if you really want to dive then get certified together with your friend. You can have Discovery Dive together which are usually free. Dive Safe and be safe. Most accidents are caused by DAD (Dumb As s Diver).

  2. Heretic says:

    It sounds like you mean a Discover Scuba type of thing, where you don’t earn your C-card. You dive with an instructor, and are depth limited.

    Many shops offer this, just ask around the local shops.

  3. Brother Otter says:

    Go to the PADI website and locate dive operators in your area. They can get you set up with a dive experience appropriate to your experience level.

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