Extreme Vacation Getaway: Sportsfishing!

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Summer Holidays! The very phrase conjures visions of tropical islands and lime drinks and long days of enjoyment. I look around and find everyone stressed out. Hard work, stressing out about deadlines, and the hot weather, you know the drill – I cannot wait for my summer vacation! That is the only time of the year (ya, even more than Christmas, when I indulge, with a hard earned vacation). But this year is proving to be a dampner. With the ever increase gas prices and less airlines, flight prices are increasingly looking like a large investment. But then, when there is a will, there is a way. Hours of internet browsing finally paid off, and I landed a sweet deal on Cabo. Now I am busy browsing for my activities, and I am excited!

Mexico is the real thing! At least to a fishing aficionado like me. Cabo Vacations resorts are known primarily for their big-game fishing, hiking, kayaking, scuba, diving, snorkeling, and beaches. In my opinion, this is the best place to find your home away from home, only 700 miles south of the border.

From Baja to Panama, there are many activities to explore on a vacation. Over the last few years, generic once popular tourist spots have reduced in popularity. Mexico sportsfishing expeditions have grown in vogue. Why travel to Alaska for sportsfishing when it can be found in your own backyard. Panama sportsfishing offers the thrill of catching a big fish delights the vacation traveler so much so that destinations like Panama and Baja California fishing has become sought after.

In Mexico, the finest fishing, diving and fun in the sun is waiting for you. I strongly suggest to make this summer enjoyable for not only yourself, but for the family too. With plenty of time to experience Mexican culture including great food and entertainment, why wait? I cannot wait!!

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