Can you, my R&S friends, help me to become more familiar with God’s miracle of creation?

Next spring I am hoping to go to Ensenada, Baja Calif, Mexico, and I want to go diving while I’m there. I am going nuts trying to find a SCUBA boat operator in the area.

Anyone here know of a good dive operator in Ensenada? Please give me a webpage (I had to disconnect international calling on my phone because of an ex).

R&S-ers kick fish-butt!
Sorry, rabblerouses, but Ensenada is one stop on a cruise, and I’d have even more trouble finding a cruiseship in Wyoming!

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  1. Desiree says:

    You sure you want to go? What if you learn something that conflicts with your beliefs? What ever will you do? Better to stay in a darkened room with a single candle and learn of your gods creation by reading what you believe is his word.

  2. hamoh10 says:

    No. Thats truely on YOU…

  3. that_guy_drew says:

    i wish i did. tell ya what… i’m going to cebu, philippines in may. if you can find me a good kali instructor in cebu, i’ll find you a good dive operator in ensenada. deal?

  4. rabble rouser says:

    Go to Yellowstone and hike the trails instead…

    There can be no god in a place where cocaine addicts manufacture children’s toys out of recycled bedding… yuk!

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