world history mexico?

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the economy of Mexico and the industrial growth or perhaps the changes that have occurred due to that growth.

The heritage of the people of Mexico is very interesting. There are basically three periods of Mexico’s history.

There was a time of great Native American civilizations, the period of Spanish rule and Modern Mexico. so u know about the waterways of Mexico, the wildlife, religions. write a quick paragraph or 2.
write it in english about mexico

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  1. topgalant says:

    Do you want me to include the parts about human sacrifices and cannibalism? Also do you want me to mention the raids above the Rio Grande to capture slaves to take back to work in the silver mines?

    Do you want me to mention how the people were beaten and starved by the leaders and do you want me to talk about how Maximilian and Carlotta were killed and their bodies dragged through the streets.

    OH.. and do you want me to write about the Revolution and Padre Hidalgo and how he and Allende were captured in what is now Texas and he was shot by a firing squad while facing them and Allende was shot in the back.

    Then there was the time when America invaded Mexico in 1848 on a trumped up charge (guess they had Tamales of Mass Digestion) and trashed the economy of Mexico.

    Let’s see… There were all of the Presidents and Generals and… the slavery..

    could you please furnish a bit more information about Mexico.. my knowledge of the country is so weak I don’t know if I can write the paper for you to hand in on Monday without a bit more input from you and what you actually want the paper to say.

    OH… do you want me to write it in English or Spanish?

  2. Doyle says:

    the beginning of Mexico was filled with flourishing culture, until the conquistadors stepped in and took over the unsuspecting people. After that, it went to the Alamo and now border-jumping is a sport.

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