The Annihilation of a Civilization / Historic Centre of Mexico City and Xochimilco

Greater Mexico City has a population of nearly 20 million people, making it one of the largest cities in the world. And beneath this metropolis are the remains of a lost civilization. The Spanish conquered the area at the beginning of the 16th Century and immediately started to build a colonial capital. A large cathedral was built in the centre of the city as a symbol of their victory. It took 250 years to complete and is the largest cathedral in Latin America. The tombs of several successive bishops lie at the far end of an underground passage. The tomb in the middle with the carved figure is of the first Bishop Juan de Zumárraga. And some neatly arranged stonework can be seen deeper inside. There are remains from the Aztec Empire conquered by the Spaniards. There is a palace in a corner of the square. This building today contains the Presidential Office. The staircase wall was painted by Diego Rivera. This piece is called The History of Mexico. This scene shows fighting between the Spanish army and Aztec warriors. The Spanish soldiers are wearing armour and the Aztec warriors are dressed in skins. The Aztecs were defeated and their capital was destroyed after several months of battle. When the Spanish army landed for the first time, they saw the Aztec capitalbuilt on a lake. This is the town of SO-chee-MILL-koh. It was built on an area that surrounded the Aztec capital. Some Aztec agricultural techniques are still used here. Mud extracted from water channels is poured

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  1. wisp3rs says:

    One correction. The Cathedral is actually the largest in the Americas not just Latin America. It would be great if the would dig in other areas to see what else is discovered.

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