Soto Karass: Best Fighter In The History Of Mexico Salvador Sanchez

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Elie Seckbach reporting

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  1. chitownonelove91 says:

    man where did u find these garbage ass boxers? theyre losers,14 losses..fucccck! he should hav stopped at 5.lmfao…funny how the white trainer guy kept saying his input in the background @ 2:32

  2. Socalplyr213 says:

    Sal Sanchez>JCC

  3. ginogeno says:

    Mexicans always pick against pacquiao.

    The only time a mexican will pick Manny Pacquiao in a fight is if he is fighting against a puerto rican, Alot of Mexicans hate Pacquiao but they hate Puerto ricans more.

  4. jorellr21 says:

    lol with 14 losses that guy dunno shit

  5. welterweight82 says:

    Manny talks about defence he dont even have a good defence hes good wen he gos forward but wen hes receving i dont thnk son.. I KNOW BOXING…….

  6. divinesense says:

    Mexican fighters no what’s poppin Floyd will beat Manny

  7. m0neymayweather says:

    Yeah most ppl would agree, if Salvador hadn’t died he may have surpassed Chavez but the way he was fighting he wouldn’t have had a long career anyway his best days would have been b4 26 imo. Gotta go based on facts n not “ifs” and “buts” so yeah Chavez is the best

  8. m0neymayweather says:

    Nice of him to disrespect Juan Manuel Marquez by calling his bum brother the best current Mexican fighter lol

  9. bigslynhs says:

    There is absolutey no way salvador sanchez is the best fighter out of mexico. The best fighter out of mexico is Julio Ceaser Chavez. If Sanchez would have fought longer and not for the tragic death then probably yea but as of right now I dont think anybody in the near future is going to surpass him as the best Mexican fighter.

  10. chilikongkwoila says:

    Manny DEFENSE!! WORK ON UR DEFENSE! before fighting Mayweather..

  11. happykid323 says:

    He speaks the truth. Sanchez was the very best out of Mexico.

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