Mexico was and still is the official king of CONCACAF?

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mexico 5-0 usa
mexico more wins than usa in all history
mexico more outside away wins
mexico more players in europe that play in big teams (arsenal, barcelona, psv, stuttgart etc)
mexico ranked 15th usa 18 in fifa world ranking

do i need to say more?

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  1. El Yanga Nuevo says:

    FIFA wanted to give the Gringillos some hope but man you could only give a bunch of pipsqueeks a bunch of hope…they are hopeless now, nothing can help them…


  2. Sergio says:

    Mexico will always be the King of Concacaf!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Billy Mays Here! says:

    i thought you said the rankings where crap
    but once mexico is above usa they are not crap?

  4. Chivasnano says:

    No Need To Say More We Want To Humiliate Them Not Destroy Them

  5. It says:

    All Mexico has now and has had for the past 15 years is History. I’m mean really the U.S. has just about caught up in competitiveness, which pisses off Mexico fans cuz the U.S. caught up in about a 15 year span. Think about it, You really think Mexico(and their fans) would really hate the U.S. if The U.S. wasn’t a threat to them??

    What excuses will they make many years from now If the U.S. wins the Wolrd Cup before them?

  6. Gustavo 2010 World Cup! says:

    No need to say more, we all knew Mexico was going to wake up and start kicking ass sooner or later.

  7. Juan I says:

    It the clown your taking this futbol thing a bit to personal… Dude its a forum its like like if we are attacking your family calm down

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