how did Fransisco Vasquez de Coronado affect the history of New Mexico.?

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what is the significance of his expedition . and what was the historical influence this exploreer had on the founding of New Mexico? why is he important to New Mexico history?

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  1. harveymac1336 says:

    Francisco Vasquez de Coronado was a Spanish explorer who led an expedition to the American Southwest from 1540 to 1542. He was searching for the legendary “Seven Cities of Cibola”. He believed that these cities were rich in gold and other treasures. With 300 Spanish soldiers and a larger number of Indians he began his journey near what is now Gallup, New Mexico. He sent expeditions out from there to explore to the west and east. Although they never found the “Seven Cities of Cibola” they explored parts of the Southwest, like the Rio Grande Valley in New Mexico, the Grand Canyon in Arizona, and other lands as far away as what is now Kansas. Coronado is important to New Mexico because of his explorations. I hope that this has been a help to you.

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