Do you know the real history of Mexico? ?

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In school we are taught that Spain took the gold out of Mexico and pretty much left the country in a shambles. Do you know that this is false history written by the Revolutionaries and English?
Spain not only took the gold but gave her best minds to Mexico. Hospitals, Universities, School Elementary and High School and trade schools, Asylums, etc.

Spain turned mexico into a modern civilization. The story of the natives living in peace is wrong.
Have you ever read the consititution of Mexico? Its terrible viloating religious freedom and human rights.

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  1. Wilford_Brimley says:

    Yes, is somewhat along that line, but not as simple. As with many other colonizations in the 1400’s – 1500’s the main interest of the colonizers, Spain in this case, was to seize valuable goods and expand its territories. While there were several campaigns that went into Mexico and Central America like Grijalva’s, the Hernan Cortez’s expedition was the one that conquered the region as they took advantage of the native belief that they were divine beings and took control of the mayor local cities until they conquered the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan (now Mexico City). Powered by the then ruthless and omnipotent Catholic church, the spanish colonizers destroyed many of the cultural and religious works and references of the natives and started massive convertions, often with torture, and forced the locals to be slaves to the spanish landlords. The land was not left in shambles, it was just adhered by force to Spain, and was like a province for them and a very profitable one to boot.

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