Touring Baja Part 8

Todos Santos

This lovely town is located on the Pacific Coast on a meseta in the folds of the Sierra de La Laguna, 45 miles north of Cabo san Lucas.

Thanks to the fertility of the land and the abundance of water from the springs of the Sierra, Todos Santos became an important center for sugar cane farming back in the 19th century, with a ‘bonanza’ which lasted another hundred years. Beautiful colonial style buildings, public offices, hotels and theater were constructed, and the town enjoyed a good lifestyle and was eventually able to overcome the economy collapse following World War II.

Todos Santos’ lively cultural scene has been attracting Mexican and foreign writers, painters, sculptors and artisans through the years, and many of them have stayed, becoming part of the community.

The fabulous year-round climate, friendly people and art galleries attract many tourists, who walk the stone-paved streets admiring the mix of colonial and early 20th century architecture, and looking for the famous “Hotel California,” mentioned by the Eagles and built in 1928.

Todos Santos is a good base to explore the Sierra de La Laguna, a great place for hiking lovers, and the Cactus Sanctuary, a reserve covering 124 acres, where the different species of cacti native to the peninsula are protected.

You would certainly find more amazing spots continuing your trip further down the peninsula; however, if you are interested in eco-tourism and sustainable tourist development, you can set La Paz or Todos Santos as the final destination of your Eco-Baja trip without any regrets.