Touring Baja Part 7

Sunny Coastline and Trees

Sunny Coastline and Trees


An hour drive south of Santa Rosalia is the historic town of Loreto, where Juan Maria de Salvatierra founded the first mission of the Californias, Nuestra Senora de Loreto. Stone paved streets, colonial architecture, the mission and its museum turn a drive to town into a worthwhile cultural experience.

But Loreto and its surrounding area is also one of the main eco-tourism destinations in Baja Sur, where you can start amazing kayaking trips along the coast, and to the islands of Coronado, Carmen, Danzantes and Catalana. The islands are a paradise for the water sports lovers, where you can observe marine life, fish, dive, snorkel, or just sunbathe in quiet beaches.

From Loreto you can also join daily whale watching tours, both to Magdalena Bay on the pacific coast to see the gray whales, and to the channel in the Sea of Cortez, where sometimes you can spot black and even blue whales passing between the coast and the islands.

La Paz and the Espiritu Santo Island

Despite being a bigger town more exploited by mass tourism than the other destinations further north the Baja Peninsula, La Paz has also an enviable location, which makes it the perfect place to set off on different eco-tourism excursions, including hiking trips, plant and wildlife observation, camping or mountain biking. In fact, the surrounding desert is an ecosystem filled with countless surprises, with native flora and fauna which have developed unique characteristics due to the relative isolation from the continent.

Several of the most popular beaches are located 15 minutes from the city, on the way to Pichilingue.

One of the most famous eco-tours from La Paz is the kayak expedition to the Isla Espiritu Santo, a natural protected area with beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, and paradise settings teeming with wildlife. You will see sea lions, mantas and dolphins, and the birders will be happy to meet pelicans, ospreys, herons, and maybe blue footed boobies.