Touring Baja Part 3

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Bahia de Los Angeles

Bahia de Los Angeles is a small fishing village protected by the tranquil and warm waters of the sea of Cortez. The first view of the bay from the road connecting the Trans-peninsular highway to the village is probably the most ‘picturesque postcard’ you will ever see, and it is likely to remain in your heart forever.

The yellow and arid desert landscape with its numerous cacti meets the turquoise of the water creating an amazing color contrast. Bahia LA is a place for chill out, fishing, kayaking, sailing, hiking, and enjoying some authentic traditional village life.

The islands facing the bay provide a paradise for divers and snorkelers, a boat tour for a refreshing dip and wildlife watching is a must. You can swim with sea lions and whale sharks, and even spot dolphins, black and blue whales in the channel between the coast and the islands of Coronado, Ventana and Cabeza de Caballo.

Birders will love Bahia: there you can see colonies of seagulls, pelicans, ospreys, and the rare blue footed boobies nesting in the islands.

Other things to do in the area include mountain biking, horse back riding, hiking to the historic Mission of San Borja and to the old gold mines in the area, fossil and gem hunting, and visiting the petroglyph sites of the Cochimi Indians in the surrounding hills.

In town there is a small interesting natural and historical museum, where you can learn a lot about the area.

Do not expect an exciting nightlife in the village, but you can find good restaurants, and great beaches to camp and admire starry skies and breathtaking sunsets.

Fishing is still the main activity in Bahia, and fishing boats (pangas) are available everywhere, although this stretch of sea has been out-fished in the past years, and activities like extensive turtle fishing, which have become a serious extinction threat for many turtle species, are finally illegal and have been replaced by conservation projects like the Sea Turtle Research Station, located on the Brisa Marina beach.

There is a limited supply of fresh water in the village, and electricity in town is provided by a local diesel-powered generator, therefore a responsible attitude in the use of the local resources is essential.

There are no banks or ATM machines in Bahia, so take a good cash reserve with you, as the nearest bank is in Guerrero Negro (2 and half hours drive).